Franchising Opportunities


Franchising Information

We are excited to speak with you concerning your potential investment in a new franchise. With decades of experience behind us and the future before us, the Heritage Restaurant Brands team will join forces with you to build your business on a solid foundation. Our team will assist you with site selection, plan design, project management, restaurant operations and marketing. We are committed to providing support for you through the development process of getting your restaurant open for business.

Comprehensive Training

The profitability of your franchise is very important to us and we have an effective training program to ensure your success. In this program, you will learn how to develop your staff, manage your budget, control variable costs and enjoy the restaurant business. In addition, we will provide you with all the tools necessary to train your entire team.


Evaluation and Improvement

We are in this partnership for the duration. Our goal is to help you meet the challenge of owning a franchise by providing you with the tools you need to prosper. Heritage Restaurant Brands representatives will be visiting your restaurant and offer suggestions aimed at helping your business flourish. We are always looking for ways to improve our partnership and your input is greatly valued.

Heritage Restaurant Brands makes every decision with the franchisee in mind and we evaluate all factors including cost per serving, accessibility of ingredients, local tastes, presentation, promotions and profitability. Food development, cost-control and expense management tools are handled by the CEO and senior staff, easing the workload of our franchisees. We are fully committed to help guide and coach you through all the different aspects of running your full-service restaurant.

We know how important communication is to the success of a company and hold various monthly, quarterly and annual meetings with franchise owners and staff members to discuss marketing, research and development, networking and many other issues related to our business. We come together as a team to plan, brainstorm, and guide our company to the future.


Additional Franchise Information

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